racing team

NGK – a permanent fixture in motorsports

NGK accepted the “racing” challenge early on for a good reason. The financial investments positively promote the development of technological advancement. Knowledge gained in this manner will then automatically be incorporated into serial production and benefit the driver or motorcyclist in normal road traffic first and foremost.

In addition – as much as it may sound like a paradox in relation to motor sports – even the environment benefits from this sponsorship. Along with the achieved performance increase, the minimisation of fuel consumption and a cleaner combustion play significant roles in this connection. In racing those who are out front are only those whose engines run according to plan from start to finish.

The Team – Experience, Competence, Team Spirit

The RaciNGK Team is built around a core of experienced race drivers, and also gives new talents the chance to prove their worth on the world’s toughest race track.

The team is headed by seasoned motorsports professionals with many years of experience in touring and formula racing. The RaciNGK Team makes its Nürburgring debut in the VLN SP8 class, a category that is as fast as it is challenging. The RaciNGK Team will make its presence felt with maximum performance both on and off the track, but what’s more, it is driven by a true and unbridled passion for motorsports. Accordingly, the hopes and expectations riding on the drivers and technical team have risen to new heights.